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No matter what occasion, or type of glow you are wanting to achieve, at Allelu Beauty we give the most luxurious, high- end boutique spray tans in Salem, OR. We customize them to be perfect, flawless and suited for each skin tone. Our airbrush tanning spa in Salem, OR will use specific solutions for each occasion. Wedding day? Photoshoot? Vacation? Special event? Just because? We have a solution to fit that need. Our spray tan specialists in Salem, OR will use only the highest quality, with the cleanest ingredients we can find, and spray in our heated rooms. Allelu Beauty gives the channel experience. We give you complete instructions before you leave to ensure you know how to take care of your spray tan as well as many products to keep that tan lasting long, and hydrated. We also offer Group Spray tans in Salem, OR and have discounted rates and Mobile tans as well.

Tan Girl

A Customized Luxury Spray Tan 



A customized Spray tan with our darkest solution and sprayed twice!! this is for the ultimate darkest tan!! Please prep correctly for best results


Wedding Dress

This Tan is specifically designed for our beautiful Bride. We use a clear solution so your glow will look perfect without any cosmetic bronzer to rub off on your beautiful white gown. The tan is a rapid and can be as light or as deep as you desire.  



High school Senior Spray Tan 

High School Seniors or anyone 17 years and younger this tan is for you. Prom, a special event? Just because? Get a special price just for you. 


Salem, OR Spray Tan

A customized Spray tan with a prepping exfolating mitt and hydrating order blocking after spray added



This is to book a tan if you have signed up for our Bronze Membership


Group Spray tan 

Do you have a group of girls wanting to get tans all together?? Lets make it a party, 5 girl minimum and you all get discounted tans and we provide bubbly and snacks !!


Spray Tan Extras & Add ons

Do you want to upgrade your spray tan to make perfect. We offer some body exfoliation services, face contouring, 

Have Questions? Email US

Any more questions or need to book and are having trouble, please text us at 503.428.2844 or email 

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