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Amie Lapray-Lead Artist 
Creator of Allelu Beauty



      Amie started in the beauty industry back in 1998 with her first step as an Estee Lauder cosmetic sales artist. She quickly realized it was what she wanted to do her entire life. Beauty! Since then she worked for several cosmetic lines, including Chanel, Lancôme, Armani and most of all MAC where she became a certified makeup artist, Counter Manager and independent MAC traveling artist. She went to many years of trainings, classes and continued education, as well as her Esthetics License. She began working for herself in 2004 specializing in Bridal Makeup. Amie's business quickly grew and she has since then done makeup for over +250 weddings, two t.v. commercials, has been featured in Bridal Magazines, Documentary Films and a few company educational videos.  Amie now is one of the leading professional Spray tanning techs in her city, has a strong following with Lash extensions/lifts, and now has her own cosmetic line with fully customizable foundations and makeup. 


     Amie is well known for her generosity and kindness, she has always had an eye for beauty in all forms and loves to help others see the beauty she sees in each person. Amie has a passion to strive for perfection and clean makeup. She believes that women shouldn't have to pay the price of their health to use beautifully made cosmetics. Amie is continuously educating herself with knowledge of products and ingredients. "Information is power and knowing what you use every day on your body should not be a mystery, nor should you sacrifice beauty for health." –Amie


     Amie started her new brand Allelu Beauty in 2017. Her mission was to bring more awareness to safe cosmetics while providing services that give women a feeling of confidence, classic beauty and a touch of glamour. Amie strives not only on giving great education to anyone she works with but also any of her clients so they can recreate their own look effortlessly at home. Amie uses only the highest quality products to give the best results. Amie strives at giving everyone the ultimate best in every single thing she does. 

Amie is a mom of 2 wonderful kids, Jaryn and Lulu. when she is not building her beauty empire she is hanging with her kids, trying out new recipes, or 

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